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Toppidrettsveka 2013 i Knyken

Da er Toppidrettsveka 2013 i gang i Knyken, og det har vært innlegg av toppidrettsutøvere, konsertene har startet og om noen timer starter prologene for junior herrer og damer, samt senior herrer. Dra oppover for å se dem, eller sjekk ut bilder, film og annet relatert innhold på STs hjemmesider, her.

To Grotli and back

So a couple of weeks ago, my parents and I went on a spontaneous roadtrip to Grotli in Skjåk, Oppland. We ate svele at the ferry from Halsa, we stopped at Ørnesvingen (Eagle curve) and I took loads of pictures of Geiranger and the Geirangerfjord, before we drove on up in the mountains….

Zug zug

So my vacation is over and I’m back to work. Not too bad, as long as the sun is shining. I’ve had a wonderful time in Stavanger, with Gladmatfestivalen 2013, lots of beer, and lots of cava. And not to forget, all the great food we ate….


Since April, I’ve been working on an article about electronic cigarettes. Today is the day when I finally saw it printed in the newspaper I work for, and for those of you who are interested, here is the online version. It’s in Norwegian, so for those of you who have no idea how to decipher…

Politikk og sånn

Uten at jeg skal gå for nøye inn på mitt politiske ståsted (det ligger langt til venstre for øvrig, forbi partiet Venstre – så langt forbi at det får partiet Venstre til å se ut som Høyre), så følte jeg i dag for å skrive litt om politikken her til lands – uten å ha…

The man’s new clothes

I kinda feel like a blogger, what with my rapid updates and all, but I guess it just comes from not updating very much the past x years, and that my posting will soon be sporadic again….

Hi-NRG italo disco from San Francisco

Today, I’ll tell you all about the great music of one of my favourite bands the last couple of years, Easystreet. They are a duo which makes hi-NRG italo disco, consisting of Velvet Chang and Michael Blitzen. I’ve written about them in “Vær-Sjur” before, and they actually read it with Google Translate and liked it,…

Typical fourteen year old girl-post

Today was an interesting day. When I drove to work on my trusty scooter, Hege Bethisaleth (a 2003 Suzuki Katana AY50WR),…

Lindsey Stirling

I’ll start off this recommendation thing with Lindsey Stirling. A talented woman from California who is roughly my age. She plays the violin like a pro, and moves (you know, runs, walks, jumps and dances) fluidly while she plays. And incorporates her violin into other genres, like dubstep, hiphop and jazz. And she’s cute as…

Design … yet again

I think I’m finally happy with how my design looks. I’ve “outsourced” the logo to my youngest sister. 7 months ago, I better check up on her, but apart from that. The site is just as I want it. I have been adding some more categories, like “Links” and “Quotes”, which may or may not…

Enkle triks for å nyte finværet som PC-nerd

Nå er det lenge siden jeg har skrevet noe her, og på de andre sidene mine rundt om på verdensveven. Dette kan delvis forklares med at jeg ikke har hatt noe å skrive om, og fordi jeg skriver Vær-Sjur for Avisa ST….

Looked through my record collection

Figured I had to post the link to the write up. It’s mostly pictures, but all the text is in Norwegian. Linky

Design, part 2

Still trying to figure out the design. Down to editing the CSS with WordPress’ editor now. It’s a lot of trying and failing. I’m almost considering just saying fuck it to my the colour I’ve used the last years on sjurvaage.com, and just finding another template and say “Look at me, I have a new…


As you can see for now, the design isn’t what it should be. Neither is the URL. It’ll all come later. For now, I’m glad the most important text bits are in.


This is the first step of many to get my new page set up, so that the world can once again view the glory of SjurVaage.com.