So I’ve been getting some new stuff lately. Well, some is the wrong word. A lot of new stuff. Mostly Steam games, thanks to the Summer sale, but also other stuff. Like books. And a new variable voltage and wattage mod from Innokin
. The iTaste v3.

I also got a 20 ml bottle of VapourJuice UK‘s BadApple from their MoonShine line

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. It’s awesome. Just like biting into a green and sour apple, just stolen from your neighbour’s apple tree. I can’t wait to vape up either the Florida Citrus Explosion from Vermillion River which I have in my ProTank or the Zombie Apocalypse from Alice in Vapeland which I have in my iClear-30, so that I can fill it up with some delicious apple taste

Oh, and yeah, I got new heads for the iClear-30 too
. I love the taste of a new head (even though, like some kind of strange miracle or something, I still use the head from my original Vivi Nova which I got on the 4th of December 2012, and it still gives me good taste!)

I wonder what else I’ll get this week …