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I was born in Stavanger (Rogaland) in ’86. Then we moved up to Orkanger (Sør-Trøndelag) in ’88. I grew up at Orkanger, lived 6 months in Stavanger from 2005 to 2006 to work, moved back to Orkanger to finish school, moved to Steinkjer (Nord-Trøndelag) for university college, then moved back to Orkanger. It was to be temporary, but then I got a job in the local newspaper, and I’m stuck here for now, and it’s probably for the better. At least I’ve got something to do, while getting enough experience and contacts, so that I one day can move south. To a place with less snow and less cold. Like Stavanger or Bergen.

I also love to travel. Here are the countries I can remember visiting.

Sweden (too many times to count), Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands (twice), France (at least three times), Monaco, Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, the Canary Islands (they probably belong to Spain, but I’ll list them anyway), Iceland, England (twice), USA (5 times, Florida, Minnesota, North Dakota, Washington DC, New York, California, Nevada), Italy, Switzerland.

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