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Month: July 2013

Zug zug

So my vacation is over and I’m back to work . Not too bad, as long as the sun is shining. I’ve had a wonderful time in Stavanger, with Gladmatfestivalen 2013, lots of beer, and lots of cava. And not to forget, all the great food we ate….


Since April, I’ve been working on an article about electronic cigarettes. Today is the day when I finally saw it printed in the newspaper I work for, and for those of you who are interested, here is the online version . It’s in Norwegian, so for those of you who have no idea how to…

New stuff

So I’ve been getting some new stuff lately. Well, some is the wrong word. A lot of new stuff. Mostly Steam games, thanks to the Summer sale, but also other stuff. Like books. And a new variable voltage and wattage mod from Innokin . The iTaste v3….

Before and after

So I decided that it was time for my monthly (or at least I think it’s a month since the last time I shaved . May have been two, though) shave. Mostly because I’m lazy, I like a bit of facial hair, most of the women I like prefer it, and I can get away…

Politikk og sånn

Uten at jeg skal gå for nøye inn på mitt politiske ståsted (det ligger langt til venstre for øvrig, forbi partiet Venstre – så langt forbi at det får partiet Venstre til å se ut som Høyre), så følte jeg i dag for å skrive litt om politikken her til lands – uten å ha…

I am a muppet

Thanks to the very talented The ERD of the Something Awful forums, I am now a muppet cardiomyopathy sildenafil citrate include penile pain, penile numbness, bruising and. .

The man’s new clothes

I kinda feel like a blogger, what with my rapid updates and all, but I guess it just comes from not updating very much the past x years, and that my posting will soon be sporadic again ….