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Slutty brownies

Søt gjærdeig (Sweet yeast dough)

Kringle etter Mias bestemor (Kringle after Mia’s grandmother)

Boller (Buns)

Kanelsnurrer (Cinnamon rolls)

Kinder Maxi-ostekake  (Kinder Maxi cheesecake)

Key Lime Pie

Julekaker / Christmas cookies

Marengs (Merengue)

Turidkjeks (Turid cookies)

Serinakaker (Serina cookies)

Rocky Road

Havreflarn (Oat “flarn”)

Havremakroner (Oat macarons)

Kokosmakroner (Coconut macarons)

Ristopper (Rice tops)

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