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Movie / TV quotes

* “Løse tråder er lange!” -Pompel, Pompel og Pilt (roughly translated, “Loose threads are long!”)
* “Det er bedre med to reperatører, enn med ingen reperatører!” -Pompel, Pompel og Pilt (roughly translated, “It’s better with two repair men, than with no repairmen!”)
* “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you die today” -James Dean
* “A medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred.” -James Bond
* “NATO and MTV is to blame for everything!” -Johnny Knoxville, Jackass
* “Maybe if we were the last two people on Earth, and there were no sheep. Are there sheep?” -A boy that Cameron tries to get to date Cat Strafford so that he can go out with her sister, Bianca Strafford, in 10 Things I Hate About You
* “Stop trying to hit me, and HIT me!” -Morpheus, Matrix
* “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” -Clark Gable (Rhett Buttler), Tatt av vinden
* “Heeere’s Johnny! ” -Jack Nicholson, The Shining
* “Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do you?” -Clint Eastwood
* “Go ahead – make my day.”, Clint Eastwood
* “Come on Mike, Unleash the FURY!!” -Tom Green (Barry), Roadtrip
* “Yeah! Cheating rules!!” -Sean William Scott (a.k.a. Stifler in American Pie), Roadtrip
* “You shall not pass”! -Ian McKellen (Gandalf Grey), Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring
* “Stol på Tøffe Tøflus. Snurr film!” -Tøflus, Jul i Skomakergata (roughly translated, “Just trust Rugged Tøflus, spin the movie!”)
* “Det ska ikkje stå på pengar” -Stemme i radioen, The Julekalender (roughly translated, “Money isn’t a care”)
* “Piss meg i øret. Bob, bob, bob, ikke sant?” -Benny, The Julekalender (roughly translated, “Piss me in the ear. Bob, bob, bob, right?”)
* “N-nei … Det har vi i-ikke sett.” -Finn.no-reklame (roughly translated, “N-no … We haven’t seen t-that.”)
* “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” -Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump), Forrest Gump
* “Stupid is as stupid does.” -Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump), Forrest Gump
* “I love the smell of napalm in the morning!” -Apocalypse Now!
* “I feel the need, the need for speed!” -Top Gun
* “What’s up, Doc?” -Bugs Bunny, A Wild Hare
* “May the Force be with you.” -Star Wars
* “I’m a little TIRED, I’m a little WIRED, and I just want a little appreciation.” -Nicolas Cage (Randall “Memphis” Raines), Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
* “Hello Ladies. I was always a sucker for a redhead.” -Angelina Jolie (Sway), Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
* “If his premature demise has in some way enlightened the rest of you as to the grim finish below the glossy veneer of criminal life, and inspired you to change your ways, then his death carries with it an inherent nobility. And a supreme glory. We should all be so fortunate. You can say “Poor Toby.” I say: “Poor us.” -Vinnie Jones (The Sphinx), Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
* “There’s only two men I trust. One is me. The other is not you” -Nicolas Cage (Cameron Poe), Con Air
* “Put… the bunny… back… in the… box” -Nicolas Cage (Cameron Poe), Con Air
* “What was I thinking again? Oh, that’s right, yee-haw” -Nicolas Cage (Cameron Poe), Con Air
* “Make a move and the bunny gets it.” -John Malkovich (Cyrus Grissom), Con Air
* “Are you with me, or do you need me to draw it in crayon like usual?” -John Cusack (Vince Larkin), Con Air
* “Define irony: a bunch of idiots dancing around on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash. (When listening to “Sweet Home Alabama”) -Steve Buscemi (Garland Greene), Con Air
* “He’s got the who-ole wo-orld in his hands… (Singing in the Crashing Plane, holding a doll ‘Ken’) -Steve Buscemi (Garland Greene), Con Air
* Well, I think you’ll like it Cyrus. It’s called I’ll Never Make Love to a Woman on the Beach Again, and it’s proceeded by the award-winning short, No More Steak For Me, Ever” -Steve Eastin (Guard Falzon), Con Air
* “I can’t be calm! Oh, no, no, no, no, I’m the “Master of the Mechanical Stuff”! And I have to help you! You, the master of the STUPID STUFF!” -Kevin Kline (Artemus Gordon), Wild Wild West
* “Never drum on a white lady’s boobies at a redneck dance.” -Will Smith (Captain James West), Wild Wild West
* “I’m fed up saving your ass. I’m amazed you made it past puberty” -Sean Connery (John Mason), The Rock
* “The Rock has become a tourist attraction?” -Sean Connery (John Mason), The Rock
* “This is more enjoyable than my average day… reading philosophy, avoiding gang rape in the washrooms … though, it’s less of a problem these days … maybe I’m losing my sex appeal.” -Sean Connery (John Mason), The Rock
* “I was trained by the best. British intelligence. But in retrospect I would rather have been a poet. Or a farmer.” -Sean Connery (John Mason), The Rock
* “I have a unique knowledge of this prison facility. I was formerly a guest here.” -Sean Connery (John Mason), The Rock
* “I’ve been in jail longer than Nelson Mandela. Maybe you want me to run for president.” -Sean Connery (John Mason), The Rock
* Well, I’m one of those fortunate people who like my job, sir. Got my first chemistry set when I was seven, blew my eyebrows off, we never saw the cat again, been into it ever since.” -Nicolas Cage (Stanley Goodspeed), The Rock
* “How, in the name of Zeus’s butthole, did you get out of your cell?” -Nicolas Cage (Stanley Goodspeed), The Rock
* “Yeah, she was. But I don’t think that we should romanticize what happened between you and her. Two people meet in a bar after a Led Zepplin concert, head out, and I was the result.” -Claire Forlani (Jade Angelou), The Rock
* “Oh, who did this to you? This is just not right. In fact, it’s nasty… (Talking about John Masons hair)” -Anthony Clark (Paul, The Hotel Barber), The Rock
* “I never saw you throw that gentleman off the balcony. All I care about is: Are you happy with your haircut?” -Anthony Clark (Paul, The Hotel Barber), The Rock
* “I think it’s a little me hiding behind your legs, Chi Chi” -Goukuu, DragonBall Z #193
* “I’m gonna do my kind of dancin’ with a great partner, who’s not only a terrific dancer – somebody who’s taught me that there are people willing to stand up for other people no matter what it costs them – somebody who’s taught me about the kind of person I wanna be.” -Patrick Swayze (Johnny Castle), Dirty Dancing
* “The reason people treat me like I’m nothin’ is ‘cause I’m nothin’.” -Patrick Swayze (Johnny Castle), Dirty Dancing
* “Go back to your playpen, baby.” -Cynthia Rhodes (Penny Johnson), Dirty Dancing
* “That was the summer of 1963, when everybody called me Baby, and it didn’t occur to me to mind.”, Jennifer Grey (Frances “Baby” Houseman), Dirty Dancing

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