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Skanks and hoes, what I don’t want

Wo to you my friends and fo’s
All I get from you is ho’s

I don’t need me a ho’
I need a dame

So please stop acting
so god damn lame

I need a female
in fact a girl

One who’ll make me
whimper and curl

Nest me up
into her lap

and use her fingers
in a gentle tap

All over my aching back

and also, don’t make her
a lass with a giant rack

Give me an angel
so sweet and pure

that’ll be to my flaws
so innocent a cure

What do I want
with this wishlist talk?

Actuall I’m happy
as long as the girl can walk

Now I’ve sung you my song
I’ve read you my rhyme

Now fullfill my wishes
before I hit the gong

or end up like the soc
who we massacred in Hong Kong


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. desember 2006

Denne ble skrevet i kantina på Orkdal vidaregåande skole i desember 2006. Nå i 2017 sitter jeg og lurer fælt på hva “soc” er.

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