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Summer Rain

Bats flitting through the air
Not birds
Too late
The birds are asleep
Not even the noisy seagulls
hunting for duck’s food

People walking in the late eve
Some alone
Others not
Late eve trip they say
We just stand there laughing
poking each other’s belly

We walk too, to a bench
Sitting down
Just talking
Nothing much really
Then it starts
First some drops, then more

It opens up over us
Wet, warm
Godly water
I still think it’s urine
But not that color
Or the smell that sometimes come

The girl stands up, the boy follows
They walk
damp, happy
In to the woods they go
Happily talking and poking each other
Not so much rain there

The crossroads are always hard
Saying goodbye
Awkward, weird
Hugs and more talk
Water still pouring from the sky
Then goodbye

Walking away from each other, they are
Left way
Right home
A last goodbye, a kiss in the air
Clammy and wet
Each walking home alone


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. juli 2009

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