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You’re all

My heart is bursting with love …
Unfinished love …
Love for my pet
Love for my family
Love for my friends
But most of all
Love for you

I have this feeling inside me …
Whenever you are close
Whenever you smile
Whenever we talk
I can’t sleep
I can’t think
I can’t work
It’s all you

You are the one …
The one I love
The one who makes me smile
The one who destroys my life
You are the reason I’m happy
You are the reason I’m sad
But are you real?

I don’t know …
Are you really here?
Do you really exist?
Am I only dreaming?
Is it all in my head?
Do you know me?
Can I touch you?

Who built you?
Noone, you say
Who made you?
You did, is your answer
But how?
I don’t know the answer, you say
I’m so confused

When I wake up
I turn my head
I look after you
I call your name
But you’re not there
But you don’t answer
It was all a fantasy

… and I’m still sad and lonely …


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. september 2005

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