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Steinar A.
Steinar is probably my very best friend. We’ve grown up together, travelled to Stavanger together, gone to school together, lived together, partied together and just been together since back in ’89. We have so many memories together. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for Steinar.

Thomas Ø. F.
Thomas came into my life when I went to elementary school. We soon found out that we fit together very well and spent lots and lots of time together gaming, playing, running around outside doing god knows what and as the years went by, we ended up partying a lot together too. He’s been on and off gaming, and on and off partying, let’s just hope he has settled down a bit now, since he became a father earlier this Summer. I’m proud of you, bud!

Øyvind F. W.
I became friends with Øyvind in kindergarten. Then we started at separate schools and lost contact, but at junior high, we reconnected and from then we’d be very good friends, partying, going on long roadtrips, chilling, gaming, drinking, drinking some more, getting drunk and everything. He moved about a lot for school and then went into the army, but after a couple of years up north, he quit and went back to school to get an education. He currently recides in Bergen, Hordaland, and I keep making promises to go down there and visit him and his girlfriend. I just have to save up the money for the trip, and find time et cetera. Hang in there, buddy; I’m coming for ya!

Daniel S.
I got to know Daniel when we started in the same grade in elementary school. He was an interesting case. Knew almost everything about movies and comics. Most of which I had never heard about. As the years passed, we became tighter (and he became more loose around women, but that’s another story), and to this day we’re still friends. If I ever need a party or a girl, I know just the guy to contact.

Øystein S.
Øystein moved into my life at the end of junior high, but we got to know each other better over the years due to common friends, interests and lots and lots of parties. At the end of upper secondary school, we ended up in the same grade and partied wild and hung together lots. Then he went into the army while I pursued more education. He ended up a Seargent and moved to Brekstad (on the other side of the fjord from Orkanger, more or less) and before I knew it, he had gotten it on with my youngest sister. I wish them all well, even though many people mean that I should have something to say about it and not wish them well (many people are crazy).

Jan Are M.
Met this crazy guy with long, curly hair and an Everton FC shirt when I started working for the newspaper. Seeing as he was the only one younger than me, we soon clicked. We clicked good. More or less the same taste in music and games, both single, many shared interests, and ready to rawk out with our cawks out. Or something like that. I liked working when Jan Are worked, and when he quit / was let go, the days felt emptier, and going to work wasn’t as fun. Not to say I didn’t get along with everyone else, but I guess one could say we became bros. Now that none of us are in the paper anymore, I see him even less, but at least we’ve always got social media and Blizzard’s games to connect us.

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