So my vacation is over and I’m back to work
. Not too bad, as long as the sun is shining. I’ve had a wonderful time in Stavanger, with Gladmatfestivalen 2013, lots of beer, and lots of cava. And not to forget, all the great food we ate.

I may or may not have gotten some colour on my skin too. Pink with brown spots

. All hail little to no pigment in my skin and that I get sunburned even with heavy use of sunblock.

Had one interesting thing happening to me though

(much more sildenafil include dizziness, nasal stuffiness and tachycardia. These.

. After writing today’s Vær-Sjur, I went out to get something to eat, and on my way back, I met my one of my old teachers from junior high, and we sat outside my workplace on a bench and talked about the weather, hiking, trips and this place in the 1950s. I learned so much!

Then I decided to try to make my self an RSS feed for this page, but I’m not sure if I succeeded. Oh well.

If it’s not working, tell me, and then try to help me get it fixed, I have no idea how to do stuff like this.