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June O
. M.

June is an old pen pal of mine from Ørsta (Møre & Romsdal)
. She’s a cute, redhaired girl with freckles (what more can a man want?), and she’s a cook (at least I think she is, she should be if she isn’t one yet). She loves beads, owls and Coca-Cola in glass bottles
. When we grow up, we’re going to live side by side in our own, small, 50s styled caravans, and every day we’ll meet up to lay down beads in different patterns and drink coke from a glass bottle. I can’t wait to grow up. Also, she’s the one who made me realise what a beautiful dialect the one from Sunnmøre is. At least the one she speaks. Oh well. She’s best described as happily crazy (or was it crazily happy? I always get those two mixed up), and a really good mother to her son.

Kristin Maria F
. E.

Kristin and I «met» online years ago. It might have been Blink, for all I know. In the early days at least

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. She was quite a stunning lady with tattoos and and interesting profile, so of course I chatted her up, and we clicked pretty good. We’ve never stopped talking, even if all our plans to meet up has failed. At least I’ve got her on snap, so we can continue chatting and seeing each other whenever we want.

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