Today, I’ll tell you all about the great music of one of my favourite bands the last couple of years, Easystreet. They are a duo which makes hi-NRG italo disco, consisting of Velvet Chang and Michael Blitzen. I’ve written about them in “Vær-Sjur” before, and they actually read it with Google Translate and liked it, so I’m happy
. I tweet with them now and then too, giving and receiving music tips. It’s great. Anyway, back to the music.

They describe themselves as “Easystreet is Italo/Hi-NRG disco filtered through a house and techno-raised raver girl and a rock singer boy.” and if that isn’t a great start, then I don’t know what is.

They’ve released one album, “International Supernatural” from 2011, and one EP, “Forever Love“, earlier this year

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. The EP consists of a new track – the title track – and a lovely remix of their hit “I Love Your Sexy Movie”.

This is a video of a live performance of one of my favourite tracks, Robotbahn

I highly recommend it. It’s great.

The same can be said for the songs “GoldTheme” – like Don Juan Dracula meeting Datarock meeting one of Gisle Martens Meyer’s projects, it’s truly solid gold –  and “Love Can’t Make Me Cry“. Michael Blitzen’s amazing voice can be heard on this track to its fullest, and he is accompanied by some delicious synth and great lyrics. “Your paintings they are nothing / Your parties they are stupid / You’re never hurting me again / Love can’t make me cry“. I love it!

Their newest song, the aforementioned “Forever Love“, is quite catchy too. Check it out, and be sure to listen to the brand new remix of “I Love Your Sexy Movie“. It’s delightful!