This weekend (and Monday), I listened to 49 albums, and ranked them. Just because why the fudge not. It’s not something anyone else probably will find useful, but it’s nice to have, I guess.

The albums I listened to, is both from Norway, and international albums, and the only conditions I had, was that they had been released between 01.01.2015 and 06.22.2015 (the day I finished writing), and that they were albums I could be interested in hearing (well, not only albums, there were some EPs there, too), either due to reading a review, listening to a random song, or the name of the band / artist or the album sounded inviting

And now I present you; Vær-Sjur’s first half of 2015 album ranking.

Read it, comment on it, ignore it, do whatever you like, really

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. I don’t care. I’m done, and can go back to concentrating on reading more books.