Today was an interesting day. When I drove to work on my trusty scooter, Hege Bethisaleth (a 2003 Suzuki Katana AY50WR),

Hege Bethisaleth

the sun was shining, the weather was sweet. Got to work and after a couple of hours, all Hel broke loose, as the skies opened up and water poured down. We also got some very nasty thunder and lightning; Tor rode around with his goats swinging his hammer – as far as I know, the trolls have been in hiding for centuries, so there really wasn’t any need for it.

Then it stopped and all the water dried till I was about to go home – 1 hour after my regular workday ended, and after going to the store and going up the hill on my trusty, old scooter – doing a top speed of 29 kph – it started again. Just as bad as it had been earlier.

The result, after driving for 5 minutes, was this:

Those pants are really a light shade of blue, the darkness is water.

It was everywhere. My phone and my wallet was soaked. It got through my waterproof jacket, through my hoodie, my t shirt, my pants (as you can clearly see), my boxers, my socks and my goretex shoes. Horrible. Horrible, I tell you.

Anyway, that was my day, and this is hopefully my last typical fourteen year old girl-post.