For those of you who don’t know anything about me, I am a fan of Activision and Blizzard, and I’ve been fan of those two for years. I’ve played WoW since April 2005, and I still do, and I love it. No plans to ever stop, and why would I? The game just keeps on giving and giving.

At the moment, in Anaheim, California, a huge convention is going down
. BlizzCon. My body is beat and bruised up and I’m tired as all fuck, but still … Here I sit and watch the live stream since I couldn’t go over the pond, and just like WoW, it just keeps giving and giving. I’m really looking forward to the new WoW expansion coming some time (probably mid) in 2014. “Warlords of Draenor“. Man, I can’t wait to finally play in Draenor before it got all fucked up and jumbled as it is in Outland as we know it today

Some of the stuff I’m looking forwards to: You get to boost one of your chars to 90 (great for alts and for friends trying out the game or coming back after a long break), you can do the classic raid (later turned into a regular dungeon), Upper Black Rock Spire, as a heroic (max level with everything tuned up a bit), and I just can’t wait. At all. And not only that, there are new raid sizes (Flexible: Looking for Raid for 10 to 25 players, Normal raids for 10 to 25 players and Heroic raids for 10 to 25 players, and then there’s the non-flexible raid, Mythic, for 20 people, the ultimate challenge).

And not only that, we finally get bag space. Following pets and mounts, now also toys, heirlooms and tabards will be added to the collection so that they won’t stay in your bags, but at a “page” of your “spellbook” where you can access all you have on every character on your account

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. Quest items won’t be stored in your bag either, and you have the ability to craft with items in your bank. They’re also adding an ability to automaticly sort your bags, which also will be great. I can stop doing it manually, it’ll be much faster and a lot better. It’s like someone has played Rift (aka WoW 2) and told themselves that hey, we should get this in WoW, people will be very happy, and then they’ve just gone and done it

I can’t wait, and hopefully I’ll manage to stay awake untill this WoW panel is over, so that I can update even more.